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Dear Future Self – A letter of Inspiration Becomes an Open Letter to All.

Written by Joseph Serviss

Career and Technical Education Teacher


Dear Future Self,

Congratulations on your graduation. I believe that those who know you well would tell you that you deserve it because you earned it. While that may be true I believe there is a little more to your success than just earning it. What I learned in life is that success can be measured in a number of ways but as a self-reflection it can only be achieved when we believe we achieve it. Success is an ongoing journey. I personally hope you never reach a point of success because that will continue to drive you to be successful.

If someone were to ask me what made you so successful. I would say because you made school a part of your life. You made it part of your measurement for success. You made your grades part of that measurement that made you “feel” successful. But for you it wasn’t enough and knowing you for this past 17 or more years I have learned that it may never be enough and that isn’t a bad thing. The more you challenge yourself the more enriched you become. The more enriched your lives will become.

I offer several pieces of advice to you, some of which were passed down to me.

1)         Choose a Major and choose it well. Don’t waste money, or time in classes that won’t increase your value as a candidate for the job or position you wish to hold.

2)         Act or play the role you wish to play in real life. Model those individuals you call mentors. Those you want to be like. Your parents, family members, professionals, religious or political leaders and teachers can be the best role models we have in life.

3)         If you ever find yourself defeated. Promise yourself that you will pick yourself up. Too many students these days sit in the corner and wait for fate to drop success in their lap. You will grow old waiting! If you want it. Go get it. If you fail! Go get it again!

4)         Be thankful always. Appreciate what you have earned and be proud of who you are.

5)         Read, and learn something new every day. If you love reading. I recommend you read one non-fiction novel, book, or article per month. Never stop learning.

6)         Most of all! Always make time for yourself and your family. Take time to yourself and rest your brain. It needs time to heal too! If you feel overwhelmed that is a great time to just forget about everything even with deadlines. It will help you re-focus. Family will always be the most important thing. Even if it’s just a phone call home just to say I love you, or thank you. Every single day!

You are successful because you want to be. It is what will make you successful as you navigate through life’s journey. You are a fantastic student! You are dedicated to helping others. Even when you have nothing you will always find time for someone else and often time is a much better gift than money. I see a bright future for you. I wish you all the luck in the world and remember you are never on this journey alone as long as you have family, loved ones, and people who care about you. If you ever need anything from me look back at this letter and remind yourself of who you were and who you are to become.

Best Wishes,



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Joseph Serviss
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