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Bullying – What Do We Do?

Bullying has been an issue for me since I was a kid. Not only was I a victim of bullying but I also played the role of the bully which is something I am not exactly proud of. It is no longer painful for me to admit these things because I myself have come to terms with them and realize they are part of who I am and who I have become and why I think they way I do.

When I was young I spoke with a lisp, had a spitting problem, had an awful haircut, and I was about as cool as a Florida July not to mention my last name is “Serviss”! I had a big mouth, no friends, and sometimes I put on a little bit too much cologne. I remember in Elementary School that I asked a girl out. Her name was Michelle and I was “in love” with her. She turned me down pretty quickly and my 2nd grade hopes were destroyed. While that wasn’t bullying it sure was the first time I felt really bad about myself.

Throughout my young life I was made fun of, picked on and treated badly. I was drawn out into public by “friends” and I was jumped by those same “friends” multiple times. I would later bully the brother of a kid that bullied me not that it makes it right in any way because there was no excuse for my behavior.

One thing never changed. I was always faithful to the people that called me friend. Mean or not, hit me or not, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to be accepted and did my best to just let things go. I would come home and cry nearly daily. As time went on my sadness turned into a rage that I eventually took out another young man. I picked on him and treated him like crap much like what was done to me and I have always regretted that behavior. I tried reconnecting with that person a few years ago but he still held a pretty strong grudge against me. Who could blame him?

Either way, we are living in a society where everyone makes fun of everyone and everything. There are no morals, there isn’t anything that is off limits and we are slowly becoming a society of heartless drones. I teach people to laugh at themselves daily usually by laughing at myself just so they can learn to cope with the stresses of being a teenager. I keep talking about how we need to find the love and compassion again. I talk about how we need to move on from this everyone gets roasted mentality.

Don’t get me wrong I am not without guilt. I am one of the best I have ever known but I usually use my powers for good usually roasting the roaster. There are better defenses. Is bullying something that is necessary in order to grow as individuals? Or is it how I see it; an unnecessary means of hurting others that can lead to adverse actions? All I know is we have to make a decision as a nation and work together towards that one common goal before more hurt, more pain, teen suicide and mass shootings occur.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the support. Tell me what you think in the comments section below. I’d love to hear it. Maybe you will inspire the next article I write.

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