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Cellular Stupidity

Okay in the past year I have seen some horrific stories about people who have lost their lives while using cellular phones. On Christmas Day in 2015 a child became fatherless as his father fell over a cliff 60 feet to his death while looking at his phone. Apparently this is the 3rd death involving a cell phone on that rock formation in San Diego.

We see people post horrific pictures of cars that have been in accidents and lives changed forever. It is a sad story, no matter which one your read because they are all avoidable. Talking with a cell phone to your ear is still legal where I live. Of course if I have to make a call I make sure I use Bluetooth because in NY where I grew up it wasn’t legal and for good reason.

Not all stories end in tragedy. My classroom is very progressive when it comes to technology use. I want students to text their parents, and write an update on social media. I want them to be involved in the world and I use my classroom as a platform to teach them how to. A five minute break is not an uncommon thing in the real work world and let’s face it. Kids are in school 6.5 hours per day! They need a mental break too! Do they all make the best decisions? No, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be taught. I have students that sit on their phone the entire day. Wasting time away. I pose two questions! What have you accomplished? How much time have you lost?

The learning process takes a whole lot of time and requires that teachers and parents not criminalize the use but actually encourage its proper use. That is the only way to stop cellular stupidity and we all know that I believe most problems can be handled in this way.


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