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Common Misconception – I Need to Take out Loans for Education.

So many people in the United States are living with student loan debt. Depending on your source the average student loan debt in 2016 is estimated to be over $34,000 per capita. That is up over 25% since the year 2010. Student loan debt has quickly become one of the most burdening debts in everyone’s life. It is nearly impossible for students to leave college without debt and get a fair start in life. Student loan debt is estimated to be $1.2 Trillion dollars. The cost of education continues to increase and students are accruing debt at around $3,000 per second in the United States. So here is the misconception. You don’t actually have to use loans to go to college. We are too busy looking for the easy way out and we have to stop. Generations are being reminded that this debt is crippling and that they can get an education without having to give up an arm or a leg. So let’s look at some options.

#1 – Scholarships & Grants – There are so many scholarships and grants available. Many of which go unclaimed every year. Many ignored because students are too lazy to write an essay. It’s time to stop the laziness and start the writing. There is no maximum amount of scholarship or grant you can earn. Some can be earned just by doing well in school. I know a student that received a full scholarship to MIT up to $250,000. GET SMART. Stop allowing yourself to live in mediocrity and show all the smart people of the world that you don’t want to be lazy anymore and that you are equally as smart as the next person.

#2 – The Internet – What a resource! The hardest part about using the internet is that you have to decipher between what information is correct and what isn’t however that is part of education period. Scientists and Historians have been wrong for centuries. How do you think we evolve? Read, Write, Learn. I watch so many history videos, the history channel. I listen to Neal Degrasse Tyson non-stop because of his humor and his intelligence and his way of making me realize I am the center of my own universe. Find the people in your life that will be influential in making you who you are. Hell I didn’t even know I liked science and history so much. I am 35 and failed nearly every class I ever took in High School becuase I was lazy and I lacked passion.

#3 – GET A JOB – Probably the best wake up call of them all. I have a friend who decided he wasn’t going to have any student loan debt in his life. He worked his way through medical school to become an MD. Took an extra two years to complete but he wouldn’t attend unless he had the cash to do so. He left college as an Medical Doctor and ZERO student loans. He is married with multiple kids, his own business, house, and not burdened by even an ounce of debt.

Sure the easy way works folks but those phone calls don’t stop. The bleeding doesn’t end. The only way to stay our of debt is to STAY OUT OF DEBT! Use your brain. You don’t need to take out loans and pay absurd interest to pay for your education. Student loan companies don’t want you to hear this. They don’t want you to be informed, or smart. They want you to keep borrowing. They don’t care about your future, or your hopes and dreams. They don’t care about you being unemployed, laid off, or disabled. I have been called a deadbeat and an awful father by a representative of Sallie Mae (Now Navient) just because I couldn’t afford my student loans. You want to do reviews. Look up student loan companies and read about the nightmares. Don’t like reading? You should learn! But worst case go on YouTube and listen to the rants that I play for my students. I WANT YOU ALL TO HEAR IT. FEEL IT! TEACH YOUR CHILDREN IT! STOP THE BLEEDING.

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