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Education As a Solution – Because it Makes Cents

I have watched every GOP Debate this year and was very open and vocal about the lack of discussion about education. Not one debate has included the topic of education and we continue to wonder why we are failing miserably as a country. Is it bad enough that only between 3% and 6% of government spending is on education in the first place. Pay has become so bad in some states that we have sacrifice quality just to fill a roll because nobody wants to work for peanuts. Then our students are moved to privatized schools because we have sub-standard educators.

There are so many issues in the “Untied States” (No Spelling Error). Division by race, ethnicity, social status, sex,  and sexual orientation are at an all time high. On September 11, 2001 and for several years after the events of 9/11 I saw something that I have not seen since. I saw a country of people; people of different color, people of different ethnicity, religion, social status, sex and sexual orientation come together United, NOT UNTIED, under one flag. Fighting for one purpose. Uniting as one people. It saddens me that an act of Terrorism or War is the only thing that can bring us together. Why is it that when we come together we somehow break apart again? What is the reason for it? Media? Social Media? Ignorance? OR EDUCATION? It is in how we raise our children, it is in what resources are available to our children. It is ABOUT EDUCATION! We are better than this. WE ARE AMERICA AND WE NEED TO START ACTING LIKE IT. I did NOT sign a blank check to defend ignorance, racism and hate. I signed that Blank check to defend the people of this country that I love. ALL OF THEM! We need to come together once again. We need to stop relying on our politicians. We need to make a difference from the bottom up. If you don’t, you are ignorant, and you are part of the problem. WE ARE AMERICA AND WE NEED TO START ACTING LIKE IT.


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