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Education Makes Cents – Minimum Wage in the United States


What an absolute disappointment to see this map. In South Dakota you must work at least 49 hours in order to afford a 1-Bedroom Apartment. If you read right below the heading there is not one state that a minimum wage worker can afford a one-bedroom rental unit at Fair Market Rent without paying more than 30% of their income. This says a lot about our minimum wage laws here in the United States but let’s be honest folks should your goal be to work a minimum wage job in the first place? When you embark on your journey into the employment field your first job which usually pays minimum wage shouldn’t be your last. You really should sell yourself short. This is usually where people insert those awful excuses, such as “nobody is hiring,” or “I sent out resumes,” or my favorite “someone or something is in my way.” Either way you look at it, these are excuses that people create to make themselves feel better for their failures. The failure here isn’t not moving forward, the failure here is thinking you can’t move forward and letting that determine your fate.

This is why I say Education Makes Cents. This is such a strong statement! Some would say, well don’t you have to go to college and get a degree? I would say, “NO! You don’t!” Why is it that a college is our only way to learn? We live in a digital age where information is at our fingertips. We live in a digital age where we don’t have to check out a book to read it. We don’t have to buy it from the book store. We can go to our Kindle and read any book we want. This is how you learn! Find an interest, and read. Learn about every aspect of your interest. If you are stock-boy. Learn how to become a manager.

Now I know this article is just speaking about the poor state of the US Economic System. It really identifies the states that are the hardest to live in such as those really dark blue ones. Hawaii, you would have to work 125 hours PER WEEK to afford that 1-Bedroom for less than 30% of your income. That is insane. That is 3 full-time jobs! This system needs help badly I agree but in the meantime you are still in control of how much you make and how far you go. Here’s some advice. If something is in your way… GO AROUND IT! OR GO THROUGH IT!

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