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In Doing Right, Not Everyone Will Understand, Don’t Give Up!

In light of recent posts. Controversial videos about how I feel the State of American Education is headed. The state of how people in the US think with this tunnel vision and the “I am always rightness.” We fail to see things from every possible perspective and I made that point very clear in my last post.

This post however has caused some negative feedback and part of what I am saying is understanding where these people are coming from. Respecting their opinion and considering yet another perception. You can listen to others feedback and opinions without flipping out or flying off the handle. You can consider their thoughts without condemning them.

The truth is, not everyone is going to agree with you because we are a nation of free thinkers. This is why we have different political groups isn’t it? The most important thing is for you not to give up if you truly believe in your message and truly believe you are doing something good. People will talk about you, make fun of you. I have personally seen it multiple times over several weeks and I have to laugh at the ignorance because having something to say is quite ineffective if you aren’t saying it to the right person. I love feedback. I ask my students for it all the time so that I can make my classes better and more exciting.

I will never stop sharing my opinion just because a few people don’t like it, me, or think my message is worthless. I think my messages are powerful and important. Much more important than the 60-300 people reading them. I thank everyone for their continued support. In doing right, not everyone will understand, agree, or respect your opinion. That doesn’t mean your message is any less important. Do NOT give up!

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