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The “Sorry for Yourself” Syndrome.

“I am not a product of my environment. I am a product of the decisions that I make.”

I don’t think there is anything that drives me more crazy than the “Sorry for Yourself” syndrome. I have been one of these people the majority of my life because I was surrounded by it. I am responsible for letting it affect me in any way at all and since I have noticed it happening I have stopped allowing it to be an inhibitor to my success.

Think about some of the things you tell yourself throughout the day.

“I can’t”
“I don’t know anyone”
“I don’t know how”
“She/He is not going to let me”
“I don’t know how he/she will react”
“What if she/he says no?”
“I’m afraid”
“I need help”
“I need money”
“I need resources”

These are just a couple of those “feeling sorry for yourself” moments. Succumbing to your fears, inadequacies and laziness. Wake up! The only thing stopping you when you think about these things, is you! Nobody else.

You say, “I can’t”. I hear “I won’t”.
You say, “I don’t know anyone.” I hear, “I won’t try to meet the right person.”
You say, “I don’t know how.” I hear, “I won’t take the time to learn.”

I think you get the point. Open your eyes, open your mind. If you want to be successful there is nothing that can stop you no matter what you look like. Wake up and realize that these behaviors aren’t just making you a victim but they also rub off on your family, and most importantly your children. You are showing your children how to be lazy and scared. You are dooming yet another generation of your family to misery, unhappiness and inadequacy!

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