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“The World Will Go On Without Me” Will It Though?

1 (800) 273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Website: www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org

I was recently inspired by an old student who posted something on his Facebook page and rather than wait until tomorrow to post it I decided to post it now. I ran with the idea and created my own. I am no poet, I admit it but the message is surely clear.

“The World Will Go on Without Me!”

It is this very mindset that upsets me.
It crushes my heart and my soul.
Because people believe they do not matter.
People believe they have no role.

Your mother cries into the night
With screams of anger and pain
With tears she can’t explain
Trying her best to stay sane

He waits for a knock on the door
As he lies helpless on the floor
Your father filled with grief
A child stolen by an unlikely thief

Your best friend stares anxiously
Waiting for you to take your seat
Staring so hard that it causes pain
Looking for a text, or maybe a tweet

Your boyfriend or girlfriend
falls to the floor hit with a sonic boom
Grasping your shirt and crying loudly
As your scent fills the room

They carry you from place to place
Not a dry eye to be seen
Your mom, your dad, your friend and lover
Still thinking this is a dream

The world may go on without you
But because of you, many lives have come to a halt
We think of ourselves when we should think of others
and now you lie silent in a vault

So tell me now about the stars in the sky
The moon and the sun and earth rotating bye
The seasons, the weather, the problems out there
The problems we had, the problems we share

Tell me again how the world will go on without you?

  1. Nearly 30,000 Americans commit suicide every year.
  2. 3rd leading cause of death for 15-24 year old’s
  3. 2nd leading cause of death for 24-35 year old’s.
  4. Each suicide intimately affects at least 6 other people.
  5. An average of 22 veterans commit suicide per day.

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