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Unproductive Ignorance

Finally, the wait is over. After much hard work it is here. This video is about the sad state of affairs in the United States told through three perspectives. The teacher, The student, and the voice of reason. We truly must open our eyes and see how our decisions, our thoughts, and the things we say affect the lives of so many people including ourselves. Rise up! Together and make a change. If you cannot admit you are part of the problem, then you are an even bigger part of the problem than you think. It is time to accept who we are, accept the negativity in our lives, accept that we have a resounding effect on the people around us. Rise UP! Wake up and see that you can help change it. You can be part of that change. Your past cannot determine your future. History WILL NOT REPEAT ITSELF. RISE UP!

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Joseph Serviss
My name is Joe Serviss. I am a Northerner who fell in love with the South. A resident of North Carolina for 3 years and serving the community as a Business & Finance teacher at Jay M. Robinson High School... READ MOREl

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