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Politics – Racism, Sexism and Choices We Make

I have been putting off writing about this because of its controversial nature. We talk about cultural sensitivity and mutual respect in the classroom all the time because I believe it to be very important especially in this day and age. If you are reading this I assure that I have no intention of offending anyone at all and I always try to speak from a central perspective on these subject matters. If you are offended, please leave a comment. Let’s discuss it.

Racism and Sexism are top priorities for our nation because they have created a separation between the people of the United States like I have never seen before. We have a Presidential Election coming up and these two things have to be a priority. And once again, I have to say it is an education issue. It is a perspective issue. It’s even an opinion issue. I am in no way, shape, or form a racist or sexist person. I believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally. With that said, I have learned that we have a “people” problem in the United States. The people are the actual problem and it disappoints me greatly.

It is your right as an American citizen to have an opinion. As I have stated in the past opinion without education is simply ignorance. Too many of us believe what the mainstream media tells us. Too many of us believe every meme they see on Facebook. How many people think Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggy, Elvis and Jon Benet Ramsey are still alive? Well, maybe Tupac! Seriously though, we are a culture that refuses to educate ourselves and learn about anything and everything we can in an attempt to try and change our country.

We have to stop forming these quick opinions out of anger. Everyone is guilty of it and it has to stop for the greater good of our nation. It is okay to be angry but the only way we can change anything is by harnessing that anger and using it to our advantage. Using it to learn, and prepare ourselves to be leaders in this nation. It is the leaders that have the power to be heard and to make change.

I recently wrote how schools have to take larger steps to bring their communities together. Adult education classes, resume workshops, computer classes, excel, word, powerpoint just to name a few. In areas where large amounts of poverty exist you could change the entire culture of your community with more involvement. Outreach programs and so much more.

In Conclusion, I have to say we have to stop waiting for our leaders to give us the red or blue pill. Our leaders have been failing at fixing this issue for a very long time. Matter of fact I will bite into a little bit of conspiracy theory here say that they might even initiate some of it to keep our eyes off the prize. We have to wake up and look at what we are doing to each other. We are a cultural melting pot which is what MAKES OUR NATION GREAT ALREADY. WE CAN BE GREATER! You don’t have to be religious to love someone, and you don’t have to hate someone that isn’t. These are called choices. If you choose to be an Idiot you are part of the problem! Join us, and be part of the solution.

Some of you are super smart and noticed that I said its our politicians responsibility AND our responsibility. If you were smart enough to notice it, you are smart enough to realize it is true. #MicDrop

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