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Personal Accountability (It’s My Fault!)

Accountability seems to be another large issue in the United States today. I hold myself accountable and my ethics and dignity usually lead me in the right direction. Many of us fall of the path from time to time but having good people in our lives helps us get back on track. This is why your best friends are the ones that are willing to tell you how it is and willing to tell you how they feel. These friends can save you from yourself if you give them a chance. Accountability must be re-created at all levels.

Our Executive Level includes Presidential candidates who have blood on their hands, lie, cheat and steal and believe they are above the law. Another incites violence with negligent and ignorant speech that is not well thought out. Yet people are still voting for these people. Where is the accountability from the American populace? Why aren’t you holding these people accountable?

In my life the accountability issues in education are massive. We tip toe around so many issues because we are afraid of backlash from political incorrectness. A much overused term these days but I would like to believe I have been saying this longer than the current election. Teachers that write too many students up should be held accountable. Hate driven comments that are never addressed and so much more.

The most important problem here is first level accountability. We have so much pride and so much entitlement and we are so busy holding others accountable that we fail to hold ourselves accountable. We have to be the leaders. Leaders hold themselves accountable. Leaders blame themselves before they blame their staff. Much of the problem we face today is finger pointing. This is why people cannot take responsibility for their own actions.

Steps for holding yourself Accountable.

Step 1 – Don’t blame anyone else!

Step 2 – Evaluate yourself in every single instance.

Step 3 – What were the variables?

Step 4 – What could you have done better to improve the situation or your reaction to the situation?

Step 5 – Apply it to your future actions.

This process is similar to that of project management. You do something, evaluate the outcome, write down your successes and most importantly your failures. Keep track of them so you know what mistakes not to make in the future.


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