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Is Policy Really That Important in Elections?

This Presidential Election has opened the eyes of many people. I personally have not made a choice on who I am voting for. I have been discussing each candidate with close friends and colleagues and we have talked about policy, regulation, the Supreme Court, the wall, and the circus that seems to be the GOP. I am a Libertarian but registered Republican but I am having a lot of difficulty making a decision on who I will vote for.

Donald Trump is a new kind of candidate but I have been wondering if he really is lately. He doesn’t say anything of substance. He doesn’t speak policy. He doesn’t really dig down into a plan but then I began wondering if that is really important.

Our Presidents of the past have all made promises. Most commonly is to bring together the two party system that has been running this country since forever. Barack Obama has failed to create a comprehensive immigration system as promised. President George W. Bush promised to fully fund the Pell Grant system and actually froze it instead. Bill Clinton said he would cut Middle Class taxes and started to but pulled out early and didn’t see it through. He also failed at healthcare reform. He did complete about 60% of his promises which is high for the presidency but he still fell short George H.W. Bush (Senior) is well known for his “No New Taxes” rant which interrupted an Episode of “Married With Children”, “Reading Rainbow”, “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego” and The Yankee Game! Hey I was a kid, what do you want from me?

So if our politicians have broken promises, and told blatant lies, why does policy and regulation matter to the American people? Should it? Should we perhaps be looking for something else now? It is obvious with Donald Trump #Winning in most states that the American people are fed up and angry. I have to ask, however, if they know why? What are they looking for in a candidate now?

My advice. Educate yourself. Learn about your candidates. Don’t just listen to the circus at the GOP Debate or the Democratic Debate. Learn about the people you are voting for. Few are without skeletons. This morning I was introduced to a video about Donald Trump made in 2011. It is an old video about the Business Dealings of Donald Trump in Ireland. It’s about 15 minutes of video and I think you will all enjoy it.

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