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Our Negligent Media – You Still Have a Choice

I have kept my mouth closed on this topic for quite a while. Too many of us are either oblivious to the fact or they are well aware but are living in this “can’t beat em, join em” kind of world. Our mainstream media has been pinning the races against each other for a long time. This isn’t new and they are doing it for ratings, and more stories. Why isn’t our leaders holding them criminally negligent for creating this unrest, this division, and the criminal activity that follows?

Recently a video was recorded of a Black American being hit by a White American. Instead of the media portraying this as what it was, they decided once again to play the field to their advantage and in the process incite hatred. During Presidential elections things can get heated between supporters and protesters. The history of protesters and supporters clashing is not new in this nation or any other nation throughout the world.

Yet the media is turning this into a racial violence frenzy.

www.nytimes.com titled their article “Black Protester Is Sucker-Punched by White Donald Trump Supporter at Rally

www.tmz.com titled their article “White Man Punches Black Protester…”

www.telegraph.co.uk titled their article “Video of Black Man Being Punched by White Donald Trump Supporter.

www.foxnews.com didn’t have it in their title but mentioned it several times throughout the story.

MSNBC and many other news outlets also reported it negligently.

All is not lost though because several outlets including WashingtonPost.com, NBCNews.com made it their business to let the world know that this was not a case of white vs. black but a case of a supporter vs. protester.

I believe that this kind of reporting should come with a criminal charge. Inciting hatred and violence in the United States is just as wrong as those who are actually doing the hating. I have said this before and I will say it again. HATE is the MINORITY! Stop allowing your actions to be persuaded by the actions of others. I love everyone and everything and will always do everything in my power to overcome the ignorance of others. I owe it to my family. I owe it to the families that fought for their rights and freedom in this nation. I owe it to my family who came here as immigrants and lead by example. I owe it to my students who I love dearly who don’t deserve a world consumed by hate and bigotry. We are better than this and as a Veteran I am sick and tired of seeing other countries laugh at us because we can’t fix it.

We must rise up. We must change. We must not give in to the ignorance. You cannot force a person to stop hating. You can control your own actions in relationship to it though. Showing love, and treating them like the minority and ignoring their behavior is the key. Education is the key. We are the key. We have to rise up and lead a new movement. One where the behavior of our news providers is criminalized if they do not act in the best interest of all people.

Sooner or later I will be making a run in politics. It is my life’s goal and I have a list that is building very quickly on what needs to change. I may not have all the answers but surely I am going to find them. I love my country and I love its people. We can do better. We must once again be united. The last time we were united as one was on September 11, 2001. White, black, Hispanic, male, female, gay, straight, it didn’t matter. We were one nation, one people, with one common goal and that was the healing of thousands and thousands of American hearts. We are at a precipice and once again we need healing on a massive scale. If not united what are we?

Like I ask my students. What legacy do you plan to leave behind for others to follow? Make your choice. Make it count!

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