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The Legacy of Nancy Reagan

I keep writing about the changes we need here in the United States and once again I am forced by the actions of others to react to the lack of compassion the people of our nation show other people. As you all know Nancy Reagan died of Congestive Heart Failure at the age of 94 years old on March 6, 2016. Following her death the amount of negative reaction to follow her death was insulting to the American people as a whole. See some of these tweets below.


A tweet so nasty that I had to block out some of the words used to describe her. A tweet so vile that I want to protect the identity of the person that wrote it. I would be no better if I reacted poorly, right? This is an embarrassment to our nation. This is the United States of America and this death should be bringing us together. What was so wrong with Nancy Reagan?

While her husband was the Governor of California she worked with veterans, visited the elderly, and the handicapped. She believed in raising children with family values. She fought against drug and alcohol abuse. She visited prevention and rehab centers. In 1985 she held a conference with the first lady’s of 17 countries to create global awareness. She was dedicated to the youth of America and even had a PBS television show, “In Performance at the White House.” She coined the phrase, “Just say No” to drugs which is still widely used today. She was selfless, honest and full of love.

I would like to believe that I share Nancy Reagan’s values. I would like to believe that the people of the United States are better than this person who posted this awful tweet. We forgive you sir or mam. Whoever you might be! We respect your opinion but you surely could have pleaded a case against her instead of condemning her with your awful, hate filled words. Nancy! On behalf a grateful country I want to say thank you for your kindness and support. Thank you for everything you have done for our nation including sticking by your husband. Having to endure an assassination attempt on his life must have been hard to overcome. Thank you for all you did for our children and the future of our nation. The world needs more Nancy Reagan’s and far less Twitter Trolls and Bully’s! I would challenge these individuals and ask them what they have done for this country and for the children, and veterans and disabled people of America. This is why education is so important. Our opinion is only as good as the facts used to support your statement. Opinion without education is just as good, just as credible, as ignorance itself.

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