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Till Debt Do Us Part

Well I don’t quite remember my vows going like that but I can see how debt can play a role in a relationship.

There are many reasons people get divorced including, communication issues, cheating, sexless marriages, alcohol, drugs, lack of fulfillment or just plain boredom with the relationships. One of the reasons consistently at the top of the list is Money and Financial Problems. Debt is an ongoing issue in the United States. It puts a tremendous strain on people as individuals. Put two different personalities with two different debt management methodologies together and you get arguments, fights, and more often then not; inevitable divorce.

It is easy to avoid, if you want to avoid it.

  1. Marriage takes work – Sometimes love isn’t enough. Sometimes it is a matter of choice. Do I fight to keep this relationship in tact or do I give up?
  2. Communication is key – You have to talk. Debt Management methodologies will NOT change without communication. If you develop as an individual you will fail, but if you develop as a couple you will have a much better chance at staying together but an even better chance at relieving yourself of such debt.
  3. Take a Class – Financial classes are available nearly everywhere these days. Dave Ramsey is one of the most notable. Although I don’t agree with everything he says and does he is surely a good voice to have in your head when making buying decisions.
  4. Get Help – When in doubt couples counseling can help you manage your relationship and help open up those lines of communication. The most common barrier to effective communication is pride.

Short and Simple folks! Managing money isn’t easy. Managing relationships is even harder. I am always available for advice. It may save your relationship.

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