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680 Million Dollars to Collaborate?

I recently read an article posted by Education Week about a 680 Million Dollar project that brought together multiple groups of individuals within a school district that normally didn’t work together. Is it just me or does this sound completely insane? You work in the same district and it took a 680 Million dollar bond to bring the teams together to collaborate to make education a better place for the students of that area?

Collaboration and Teamwork are two of the most important factors in running a district or any business for that matter. Communication is a key component in nearly everything we do. This brings ideas together and allows for the opportunity for a group of people to be innovative and set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. It creates open-mindedness, tolerance and even breaks down cultural barriers because people get to see things from multiple points of view. It should not take large amounts of money to occur and good leadership would benefit from forming these alliances or cohorts.

As far as my eyes can see if you have a leadership team that isn’t creating the opportunity for collaboration and promoting teamwork among all employees and students then you have a leadership team that is failing you, your students and that my friend is wasteful spending. In the end this story has the teams collaborating unlike before and the leaders of this county taking some initiative. So happy endings still exist but the only reason these teams didn’t collaborate and understand one another’s functions is because of lack of leadership.

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