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The Glass House of Education

I Have Been In Argument After Argument Since Betsy Devos Was Approved For The USDOE. I Have Consistently Explained That I Don’t Agree With Her As The Choice. I Am A Teacher. I Am A Conservative In The Teaching Field Which Is Often The Most Difficult Part Of My Life And The Reason I Write About It So Much. STOP BLAMING TRUMP AND STOP BLAMING DEVOS!

Anything That Happens In Education Is Due To Years Of Failed Leadership. Not Betsy Devos Or Donald Trump. They Are Ripping The Band-Aid Off. FINALLY! I Don’t Believe That Public Education Will Be Dismantled And If We As Educators Step Up And Show Everyone How Our Product Is Competitive In Today’s Market Then There Is No Way We Can Lose.

First We Need To Arrive Into The 21st Century. I Am Not Talking About Computers, Mobile Devices, VR Systems, Or The Internet. Those Are Just Tools. I Am Talking About Mentorship, Mental Health, Being Realistic About The Importance Of What We Teach To Each Student Individually. Calculus Is Mandatory And Personal Finance Is Not? I Mean Getting Rid Of The Straight Rows And The Note Taking From The Board. Our Schools Are Antiquated. Let’s Connect And Develop Relationships With Each Individual Student. STOP BEING LAZY. People Are Calling Me Crazy, Fine!!! There Is No One To Blame For Your Failures But You. That Might Even Be Something You Teach In Your Classrooms.

Listen To The Business And Marketing Teacher. He Knows How To Create A Competitive Product. He Knows How To Develop Programs That Are Effective. He Knows How To Connect To Our Youth. All Of Them? No! But That Won’t Stop Me From Trying Or Trying To Find Someone That Can. You Want To Continue To Live In The Past. Teach In The Past. Fine! Then You Will Fade Off Into Obsolescence With The Rest Of The Lazy Teachers Who Forgot How To Care About Their Profession.

Be Part Of The Future. Innovation And Education Must Come Together. We Are Some Of The Brightest People On The Planet. We Can Do This Together And All It Takes Is A Few Willing Participants To Start. The Rest Will Come, When They See The Success For Themselves, Or Quit When The Change Becomes To Much For Them To Handle.

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