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Common Misconception – I Need to Take out Loans for Education.

So many people in the United States are living with student loan debt. Depending on your source the average student loan debt in 2016 is estimated to be over $34,000 per capita. That is up over 25% since the year 2010. Student loan debt has quickly become one of the most burdening debts in everyone’s life. It is nearly impossible …

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Common Misconception – History is Doomed to Repeat Itself

Okay so I am not in the classroom although my response might be similar. Don’t be stupid! Just because your parents were successful doesn’t mean that you will be successful. Success is not a family trait although if we learn what makes our family successful we can often make history repeat itself. This is why children from rich families usually …

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Common Misconception – Can’t Buy a Home Without a Mortgage

This is quite a difficult question to answer believe it or not because in reality everyone’s financial situation is different and what works best for one may not work best for others. You see my Grandfather who I spoke about in the introduction taught his family members that debt was okay and that mortgages were a necessary part of living. …

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