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Internet Cruelty – A Social Experiment

Yesterday, on Facebook Ronda Rousey posted an NPR study. It was a content headline about reading in America. When you clicked the news post it was an “April Fools” joke to prove how people don’t read the content, they just read the headline and post all willy nilly without actually knowing the content. This is an interesting social experiment but …

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The Legacy of Nancy Reagan

I keep writing about the changes we need here in the United States and once again I am forced by the actions of others to react to the lack of compassion the people of our nation show other people. As you all know Nancy Reagan died of Congestive Heart Failure at the age of 94 years old on March 6, …

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Unproductive Ignorance

Finally, the wait is over. After much hard work it is here. This video is about the sad state of affairs in the United States told through three perspectives. The teacher, The student, and the voice of reason. We truly must open our eyes and see how our decisions, our thoughts, and the things we say affect the lives of …

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