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Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards (A Response to Article Titled: “Millennials Prefer Debit Cards to Credit Cards. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.”

I recently read an Article at about Credit Cards vs. Debit cards. The original Article can be viewed HERE. While the article is targeted towards Millennials the author Taylor Tepper gives general advice that could be used by many people, Millennial or not. So let’s consider the authors advice. Credit and Debit Cards make life significantly easier. Reduce the …

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Dear Future Self – A letter of Inspiration Becomes an Open Letter to All.

Written by Joseph Serviss Career and Technical Education Teacher Dear Future Self, Congratulations on your graduation. I believe that those who know you well would tell you that you deserve it because you earned it. While that may be true I believe there is a little more to your success than just earning it. What I learned in life …

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I have written about change before many times in my life. As we age, we evolve. We adapt to our surroundings and all the people that are in our environment. Change is that one thing I have always been tolerant of. Not always willing but usually accepting and after a little thought I can usually move on and adapt once …

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