Credit has to be the most confusing concept of all. I am a realist folks so I know that my debt lessons are aligned for people without debt. Or to remind them of why they should avoid it. Everyone gets confused when they look at their credit scores. Why is my score so low? How do I fix it? I want to help you to. You have to make a promise though. You have to promise yourself that once you get out of this nonsense that you are going to leave it behind and teach others. I don't want your money, or your thanks. I just want you to share this information with all of your friends. Because of debt, because of credit scores, people fail to plan for their families future. We insure more cell phones in the United States than we do people. When you are ready to fill your life insurance needs. Call me if you live in North Carolina. If you need help and you are in another state it doesn't hurt to ask me questions. I can't sell anything to you but without a doubt I can be as honest as I am today and always and tell you how it is in "Plain English"

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Our Negligent Media – You Still Have a Choice

I have kept my mouth closed on this topic for quite a while. Too many of us are either oblivious to the fact or they are well aware but are living in this “can’t beat em, join em” kind of world. Our mainstream media has been pinning the races against each other for a long time. This isn’t new and …

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The Legacy of Nancy Reagan

I keep writing about the changes we need here in the United States and once again I am forced by the actions of others to react to the lack of compassion the people of our nation show other people. As you all know Nancy Reagan died of Congestive Heart Failure at the age of 94 years old on March 6, …

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Is Policy Really That Important in Elections?

This Presidential Election has opened the eyes of many people. I personally have not made a choice on who I am voting for. I have been discussing each candidate with close friends and colleagues and we have talked about policy, regulation, the Supreme Court, the wall, and the circus that seems to be the GOP. I am a Libertarian but …

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Politics – Racism, Sexism and Choices We Make

I have been putting off writing about this because of its controversial nature. We talk about cultural sensitivity and mutual respect in the classroom all the time because I believe it to be very important especially in this day and age. If you are reading this I assure that I have no intention of offending anyone at all and I …

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Understanding Credit – What is a FICO Score and How Does it Work?

FICO scores are the most commonly used scores by lenders in the United States. These scores are used to measure your credit worthiness. It is a number that predicts your likeliness of paying back a debt/loan. FICO scores are calculated based on facts stated in your credit reports at the 3 main credit bureau’s. Those are equifax, transunion and experian. …

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